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LeadJet™: Best-in-Class Technology

Our proprietary LeadJet™ technology continues to be our unique differentiator. LeadJet™ provides Action Lead Solutions with the ability to quickly initiate, implement, and manage lead generation campaigns for our clients. LeadJet™ gives our media team the power to analyze lead quality and optimize our media purchasing to ensure we are always buying from the highest quality sources.

LeadJet™’s features include:

  • A robust, dynamic search engine backed by sophisticated algorithms honed to find schools that best match user interest and the schools they are most qualified to attend

  • Integration with numerous “big data” services that help us gather insights and make decisions via pre-ping, data verification, fraud detection, geolocation, lead audit, social media engagement, and historical segment performance

  • A flexible service-oriented architecture that allows our cloud-based core technologies to be accessed from portals, funnels, widgets, kiosks, plugins, and apps built to generate leads from a variety of media sources

  • Targeted, data-driven lead evaluation and quality control, validating, verifying, scoring, and pre-qualifying leads, and delivering them to our clients in real time