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It is not enough to be listed in the search engines; you need to rank at the top which is where you will find us. Our team of experts has enabled us to get to the top search positions on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Our success is due to our superior SEO process which enables us to keep our finger of the pulse of the ever changing SEO landscape. For each new vertical that we enter, we conduct a robust keyword analysis to determine which keywords will drive the best performance and use that data to inform all our SEO efforts. Our expert writers consistently update our sites with relevant useful content, allowing us to capture the target audience that is likely to convert. Our organic portfolio provides exceptional quality to our clients.

Our in-house team is Google Certified and has expertise in bid management and optimization. We use the same keyword analysis that allows us to succeed in Search Engine Optimization for Search Engine Marketing. This strategy provides us with the greatest chance to convert target audience members as our share of voice on the search engine results page (SERP) increases along with our credibility. We have worked hard to learn all of the ins and outs that make SEM campaigns successful. This includes: proper campaign and ad group structure, rigorous copy testing, and continual improvement of our landing pages to boost quality scores. (In fact, we work with industry leading landing page optimization company Optimizely.) Lastly, we are regularly asked to participate in Google Beta tests which give us a first-to-market advantage and the opportunity to learn and maximize their newest products and services.

The emergence of social media provides a whole new level of engagement with your target audience. We utilize the social networks as an extension of all our media buys. In addition to increased engagement, using our robust customer data in conjunction with the targeting capabilities and high-reach social networks like Facebook, ensures that we deliver the most qualified students to our clients.

In order to succeed in the email-marketing channel, one must go directly to the source. We have spent years developing and fostering direct relationships with the top email providers in the industry. We also have our own internal list that we leverage to deliver high-quality leads. Having these direct relationships ensure that all of the mail is CAN-SPAM compliant and that we are eliminating the waste of working with a middle man. By working both directly with top quality email partners and using our in-house list, we are guaranteed to deliver the highest quality leads to our clients.

Mobile is currently one of the fastest growing channels with over 40% of time spent on the internet accessed through mobile devices. In addition, there are approximately 90 million Americans in the mobile audience. By incorporating mobile in our marketing mix, we are able to tap into a channel that can reach users anywhere at anytime. Our expertise is getting those mobile users to convert for our schools. Another advantage of incorporating mobile is that many users have not yet been exposed to the same online marketing efforts as PC users, yielding higher quality leads for our clients.