Lead Scoring

We have partnerships with many of the industry-leading and trusted, lead intelligence companies such as eBureau and Neustar. These services provide instant intelligence to help us make better, more informed decisions about lead quality at the time the lead is collected. This enables us to match the right lead with the right school. We know with 100% confidence that we are delivering the highest quality leads to our clients.


  • Lead Validation: Market-proven, real-time consumer insights engine verifies that every name-to-identifier combination of the most critical components (name, phone, address, email address, IP address) we collect is accurate and current

  • Lead Verification: Real time marketing verification of all components of prospect-submitted contact information filters out sub-standard leads and prevents fraud in order to maximize conversion rates

Fraud Detection

Action Lead Solutions has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to fraud. In addition to our own advanced fraud detection capabilities we have partnered with a leading Fraud Detection service, to further ensure that the leads we generate are valid and legitimate consumers who are interested in going back to school. Clients trust us to take fraud seriously and that is exactly what we do.