We work directly with the top for-profit universities in the Unites States and compliance is extremely importance to us. As an early-adopter of all new compliance regulations, we set the benchmark that others follow. In fact, our legal team’s primary focus is internet-based marketing compliance and we work diligently with all of our clients to share what we have learned. Our own staff brings a wealth of knowledge in this area, having worked for some of the largest universities in the nation with backgrounds specifically in regulatory affairs and compliance. Additionally, we work with an industry leader in compliance detection to further assist us in our pursuit of compliance excellence. Through real time analysis of every lead submitted to our clients, we know that every lead can be called upon with the highest level of confidence. Our dedication to driving quality leads while maintaining compliance with all laws and regulations has allowed us to stand out and grow so we can continue our mission of providing the highest quality leads to our clients as the industry evolves.